This New Year is Starting Out Interesting…

Being 2020, we’re dedicated to start blogging more and share with you a look behind-the-scenes of our cleaning service.

Fajas Experience

Cheryl put me on a shapewear kick this year, as she met someone at a local Meetup group that had an interesting experience with plastic surgery. She was using a fajas colombianas post surgery garment to help her with form fitting, and it seemed to really work well for her.

Well, Cheryl saw it in other videos, and wanted to know the name of it. She ended up buying three fajas, but only two of them fit her. So since we’re around the same size, she offered me one of the fajas. It’s actually a great habit I’m starting to get into!

This Wild Weather

Can you believe this weather? It’s been raining, snowing, and nice out all in the same week! This Midwest weather is sure to have you wondering how much around the house cleaning you really want to involve yourself with this year. Check out our home cleaning services if you’re interested in getting that task off your to-do list this year!

Chiefs are going to the Super Bowl!

How exciting, right? Our Kansas City Chiefs have made it back to the Super Bowl after 50 years! Now, it’s time to go in for the win just like we did with the World Series a few years ago, right? Exciting times to be here in Kansas City!