The History of Hair Treatments

Beautiful hair has been a symbol of glamour and vitality for many centuries. Long, flowing tresses have been symbol of seduction and of a people who know how to take advantage of their qualities.

The things that can keep your hair healthy are good shampoos and conditioners, high quality hair brushes and combs, and keeping it away from bulkier hair products. While most people will never bother to actually do all of these things, it is still possible to accomplish these things without having to stop and lots of advice on how to do it.

Let’s start with shampooing. Shampoos that are designed to clean dirt and oils are generally good for your hair. One exception however is biotin shampoo. People who are strict about using only natural products should avoid biotin shampoo. This shampoo is also designed to work in conjunction with the body’s natural ability to naturally produce oils. Biotin shampoo is designed to help make your hair grow longer and thicker. The claims for this shampoo are that it effectively makes your hair look shiny and breaks down the build up that causes problems in your hair. If you use this type of shampoo you will be able to easily comb your hair no matter what type it is.

Conditioners should always be used with the shampoo, however, you can skip the conditioner if you don’t have problems with buildup. There are two types of conditioners, one for things like styling gel and hairspray and another for natural hair moisturizers. Natural conditioners are always better for your hair, however, you can use a regular conditioner to help repair any damage to your hair.

History of Hair Treatments

The ancient Egyptians are thought to be the people who began the treatments for hair. Specially designed potions were created for their hair, some of which still exist in our modern day shampoo. Of course the ancient Egyptians didn’t know about electricity and therefore they didn’t fabricate devices to use for their hair treatments.

The treatments they did discover involved burning lye and making it into a big container with a tight fitting lid. They also used other porous and water soluble ingredients to create the wonderful mixtures for their hair treatments.

The treatments they discovered worked well in their time and, today, many of the procedures used in those days still exist in some form in modern day salons.

Modern Age Salons

The first person (besides the paleontologist) to discover that there are benefits to these ancient methods was a French chemist named, Emile Paris. He noticed that when his patients applied his formula on them, that some of them healed more than the others. Knowing that chemicals could heal, Paris secretly used this information and created a perfume from animal fat and water known as coulour de Paris. Since word of this new discovery spread, Paris developed a company and eventually became known in modern times..

During the seventeenth century, the British wisely picked up on the therapies that their European counterparts were using and actually imported them to America for the development of what we would consider ‘modern’ or ‘improved’ techniques. The British East India Company became the first to import silk from China and imported it to America for the fashionable ‘hair dressing’ that was fashionable.

Herbal medicine was first used in France by a friar in the 17th century. He recognized the healing powers of plants and so started to use them on his patients. He also founded what is now known as the French renaissance school of medicine. Education was given much importance through these schools and Candide doctors were given prominence. The tonic used during these schools was essentially alcohol and vinegar mixed in a powder form. The vinegar would be replaced with justice.

Over time, our understanding of these early practices has led to the development of better health and medical care, as well as better style. Take, a local hair extensions business, for example: they get great reviews and it’s from an ancient practice of hair extension techniques that people still enjoy today!

While it is true that many people in the ancient world sought to look younger, they also believed in a system of natural selection. That is, they didn’t use any makeup or anything synthetic, except for a few rough-hewn threads and a pointed rattail for protection from evil spirits.